24 Hours in the lives of a interesting people and characters.

24 Hours is a fast paced show that follows the lives of interesting people over a span of 24 hours here in the United States.  The shows gives you a sneak peek into the routine, the work and the daily grind from the perspective of an African in America.


African Dream is the new show from Save Africa Broadcast about the dreams, ambitions and journey to success of Africans both at home and abroad. 

It is an intriguing and captivating look at the motivations behind the african individuals who strive to rise above and beyond all expectations and achieve the desired success and acclaim in their field of interest.


Diplomatic Corps is french for Embassy Channel and the program is just that. /taking you inside each and every on of the African embassies in the United States and profiling their people and culture. 

It is a unique perspective from the folks at the forefront of representing their countries to the world. Interviews with embassy staff, and discussions about their culture will be showcased.


Carte Postale brings you stunning visuals of Africa as you have never seen before. 

In this Save Africa Broadcast show, the Continent is the canvas for a visual journey throughout its nations and people. Minimal narration is balanced with the beautiful sounds of african music particular to the featured region in the episode


Diaspo Music showcases the musical artist from Africa that are performing in the United States. 

Taking the rare opportunity to combine concert & performance footage with in-depth interviews, Diaspo Music brings you an inside look into African musicions from a unique perspective.





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